Tuesday, 31 March 2015

On .........was my first oversea trip and I was really excited. Atmosphere in the bus was filled with noises of excitement and temperature was kind of low at the same time so I was feeling very cold. As we arrived at Malaysia, we visited a high school and we enjoyed it as the people there are really fun to get along with and the best part is that, we exchange our Facebook accounts and one of them is Ryan. I was really happy to made a friend like him and because of that, we were able to share our lifestyle in our own country. Our lunch come next and it was weird as my friends took pictures of their food. I was wondering why would they do that for. Anyway, having a view of the countryside from a sceneric drive through it,  my whole perspective of the world changed as I never thought that this world could become that beautiful. Lunch was then held; the food there was nice. After lunch, we had a glance of the rubber tapping process. It is a process by which the latex is collected from a rubber tree. An incision is made in the tree's bark, which cuts through the latex vessels, from which the product then flows and that is where our rubbers come from which I did not know at the first place. We also had top spinning which reminded me of my old time games called Beyblades. The part I enjoyed most was competing with friends to see whose top spins the longest. We then visited the Herbs Garden and discovered that our mint is from the Mentha piperata. I heard that You can grow it easily by cutting off a stem and placing it in water to grow roots. Do you like food? If you do, let me introduce you to Kueh Bolu! There was a demo of the Kueh Bolu making and when I got home, I tried making it and it was successfully made with no sweat! It tasted as delicious as the one I ate during the trip. Our next stop, the Pineapple Farm, followed by Oil Palm, which  amazed me due to the scenery which led to taking of photos and selfies. Coffee, one of my favourites! Yes, we went to the Coffee plantation and learnt about where coffees are derived from and how are they made. As night hit sky, our last before dinner was knowing how coconut trees can be utilized. By mentioning what is after the coconut tree discovery, you should by then already no what was next and that was our most precious one, dinner! It was a long day and most of us were famished. As our dishes arrived, we gobbled them up like a super hungry lion. We then end of with our last activity, the river and cruise which made me felt like a pirate (I know it is ridiculous but that is me in my fantasised form). Aye Captain! For what most of us had been waiting for, the hotel! We had a hotel check in and debrief about next day's activities and things we should do. Since our teachers had said that there is a swimming pool, we relentlessly find ways to get to the swimming pool but our efforts went futile which disappointed us. In contribution to the disappointment, wifi did the most. We then find ways to play in the hotel room with friends which lead us to sleeping late and waking up tired in the morning and there comes our second day!

Breakfast was an ordinary one and the funny part was that, one of my friends forgotten to brush his own teeth! Funny! We then arrive to Jalan Kota to visit St Paul Hill. There stood a white statue which reminded me of Sir Stamford Raffles statue. I did not know it was a church at the first place which makes me a blur donkey, however, better knowing it late than nothing right? The next church we visited is the Christ Church, which is an 18th-century Anglican church in the city of Malacca, Malaysia. It is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia and is within the jurisdiction of the Lower Central Archdeaconry of the Anglican Diocese of West Malaysia. Moving from churches to temple, we visited the Princess Hang Li Poh's temple and had a glance of the King's well which is located right next to the Poh San Teng Temple, itself located at the southwestern foot of Bukit China. It is believed that this is the oldest existing well in the country, and was dug on the orders of Sultan Mansur Shah, purportedly for his consort, the Princess Hang Li Poh. Not to mention, that was the first well I had ever seen in my life.  Next, the Famosa Resort, which is a Portuguese fortress located at Jalan Parameswara. I learnt that it is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in south east Asia and that had kept my eyes opened in amazement. Moving on to a famous street called Jonker Street, which was being mentioned by my Geography Teacher a million times and because of the number of times being mentioned, I got really curious about that street and wanted to explore around it. Due to the exploration, I got lost. However, I was able to track back to my class. Special thanks to my phone which I was able to contact my friends regarding where they were. We ended off our last visit by visiting The Cheng Hoon Teng temple. I heard that it is a Chinese temple practicing the Three Doctrinal Systems of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism located at No. 25 Jalan Tokong, Malacca Town, Malaysia. Amazingly, it is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia, Wow! Last but not least, the one and only thing we had been waiting for, OUR LUNCH! Yay! Nothing much to talk about our lunch but I want to end off with one thing which made me happy and glad. Things seemed impossible to happen do happen and this possibility is the existence of me and my 'friend'. I will tell you why is it quote-unquote. My roommate and I were enemies and it seemed as though we would never be friends in forever but because of this learning journey, we slowly got along and that had given me a powerful moral. Nothing is impossible as the word itself said 'I'm Possible'.

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