Sunday, 26 October 2014

Should abortion be legalised? Why?

Abortion should be not legalised. Why is it so? We live in a world that is filled with many unpredictable situations, many unexpected things happening around.  Despite all of these problems, we ought to help each other keep a look out and live through all of it.

Earlier on, I mentioned about how much problems there are. The problems are girls getting raped as it is really common especially in our society nowadays. It is no doubt that the chances of girls getting pregnant increases if those raping or any form of non-voluntary-basis intercourse is still out there going on around the world.

As you can see, a living fetus is one of us that will be living through disastrous situations like getting aborted. Why is it one of us? It is because by aborting a baby, it is just like burning somebody to death in an enclosed place which results in losing a life which we wouldn't want any of it to happen at all.

Whether or not if you wish to have that baby, you should not abort it. That baby may be a godsend, an example, if the parents of Albert Einstein aborted him, there wouldn't be anything called e=mc2. Likewise, the child of a girl getting raped would probably be somebody which people would acknowledge in the future.

It is really crucial to abort because it isn't giving he or she a chance to get to see the world. There's this video called 'The Silent Scream' gives me creeps all the time. It shows that fetuses do have feelings but they couldn't express it by shouting out thus the silent scream.

Lastly, we cannot afford to lose anymore lives because there is already a tremendous decrease in human population. Ebola is spreading aggressively in Africa which caused many deaths. You don't want to become a victim to decrease the human population so step out of that zone and stay on the right mind with that thought 'Abortion should stay illegalised' in it vividly!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The story of a Clock

Name: kang Jia Hui Class: 1E1 Date: 23/1/2014 Draft : number 5

                                                                   "Hey! Stop the bus! Hey! Tell him to stop the bus!" I shouted loudly while chasing the school bus like cat and mouse. I bet everyone, including the driver was laughing as I'm always making a dunce out of myself like an odd one out.                                                                          Finally, as I'd been waiting for. The school bus had come to a stop. Rubbishes started flying towards me upon stepping up the bus. I knew I wasn't welcomed thus nobody wants to sit with me even though there was an extra sit. All the while, I would just stand till we reached our destination, which was the school. Oh, and I'd forgotten. That day was our first test on Arch Length consisting approximately 30 questions which had a duration of one hour. As we'd settled down, we were being asked to start the paper upon receiving it...
                                       After going through half of the paper, I was wondering. Why didn't the handle of the clock moved? It would be nine-thirty already if it has been moving. When I told the teacher about it, she immediately decided to replace it with another clock. Out of a sudden, my leg moved. Stood up unintentionally and retrieved the clock from the bin as our teacher had thrown it away. Once again, I am being the odd one as mentioned earlier. All eyes were on me, making me feeling uncomfortable. Immediately, I got an irregular report and with no chances of excuses, I was being chased out of the classroom. All I had now was a dead clock. Dang, I was wondering if what I'd done earlier was the right decision. Just because of a clock, I'd sacrificed my test. I had no choice but to get the clock from the bin as the cleaner was coming to clear the bin. I know they'll think I'm a crazy person who picks up a clock with early violet coverings which was considered OLD. And it was not even working. But I wouldn't care much.
                                      During the test, I was being asked to proceed to the principal's office for some interrogations for what I'd just done earlier on. I explained to the principal about how wasteful the teacher was because, the clock can be repaired. From the looks of it, it looked like it needs oil to allow functioning to occur. Not a big deal at all. The principal liked how I interact with the value of reusing but I heard him mentioning that grades are more important than recycling as it will affect my future. I was confused. By not having the spirit of recycling, it will also affect our future as we are destroying Mother Earth. Just as I wanted to interpret, the same thing happened again. Not even a single chance for me to even exhale the words, he said he got an important task to do.
                              The dismissal bell rang, signalling the end of the torturous lessons in school. In a flash, everyone left the class. Leaving the teachers dumbfounded. As I reached home, I knew I gotta fix this clock before tomorrow upon remembering what the Principal had told our form teacher that we do not need a new clock replacement. But instead, we should learn to have the habit of reusing. I just gotta apply some oil on the gears and that should do it. The first time I'd done this was a fail but now, as I'd gotten a chance to do it again, I'm not gonna let myself fail again. Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly. I'm not afraid to fail so here goes. Tick, tock, tick, tock. My ear was the only one that can tell whether if the gears were moving or not. I heard it. As I opened my eye, I knew my ears weren't faking me. Both senses told me that it was working. Now for what I'd dismantled, shall be put together as one. I was known as the Earth Killer in class. That was the reason for them to throw rubbishes at me earlier on. It was my job to throw them into the bin for Let's Bin practices.
                                  There goes the bus again. Going off to a certain distance and picked me up. Picking up rubbishes and so on. As we started proceeding into the classroom, I took a blue-grey chair and stood on it just to place the clock on it. Before that, I'd to make sure that the clock was set to its default. And when everything's done, I began to take a step down to the floor. Suddenly, everyone started clapping. Once hated me had acknowledge me as their friend, for I am not being like in the past but the present. It was delightful and I'm feeling welcomed. Now I get the importance of the four-R's of recycling. Without having the habit of doing the four-R's of recycling, we, not only just destroying Earth slowly but also it affects other people as well. Just like me. I was once being hated as they do not like killer litter.
                            Think Green. By Starting to Clean, You never know. What you might find that can be put in a pot, and it will grow. Whether it is blue, green or red... Surely, it is not anything that you would find under your bed. An aluminum can, or a plastic jug, or even an old rubberized rug. If you do not need it, Then surely there is another use or need that you get from using a kit to transform something old... Into something new and to look like gold. From paper, old oil, aluminum, brass, copper and even an old grass hopper. Also, save the Earth, and Recycle.