Sunday, 26 October 2014

Should abortion be legalised? Why?

Abortion should be not legalised. Why is it so? We live in a world that is filled with many unpredictable situations, many unexpected things happening around.  Despite all of these problems, we ought to help each other keep a look out and live through all of it.

Earlier on, I mentioned about how much problems there are. The problems are girls getting raped as it is really common especially in our society nowadays. It is no doubt that the chances of girls getting pregnant increases if those raping or any form of non-voluntary-basis intercourse is still out there going on around the world.

As you can see, a living fetus is one of us that will be living through disastrous situations like getting aborted. Why is it one of us? It is because by aborting a baby, it is just like burning somebody to death in an enclosed place which results in losing a life which we wouldn't want any of it to happen at all.

Whether or not if you wish to have that baby, you should not abort it. That baby may be a godsend, an example, if the parents of Albert Einstein aborted him, there wouldn't be anything called e=mc2. Likewise, the child of a girl getting raped would probably be somebody which people would acknowledge in the future.

It is really crucial to abort because it isn't giving he or she a chance to get to see the world. There's this video called 'The Silent Scream' gives me creeps all the time. It shows that fetuses do have feelings but they couldn't express it by shouting out thus the silent scream.

Lastly, we cannot afford to lose anymore lives because there is already a tremendous decrease in human population. Ebola is spreading aggressively in Africa which caused many deaths. You don't want to become a victim to decrease the human population so step out of that zone and stay on the right mind with that thought 'Abortion should stay illegalised' in it vividly!

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